• December 29
    Arugula Salad with Oranges, Farro, Hazelnuts and Goat Cheese
    Our family decided to forgo a traditional Christmas this year, cashed in a staggering number of frequent flyer miles, and jetted off to London during the week before Christmas.  Best decision ever.  First, I can’t begin to describe how freeing...
  • December 16
    Icy Pomegranate Cosmopolitans
    While you might imagine bourbon is my go-to drink (and you would often be right), I've been crushing on Cosmopolitans for ages.  And I've been tinkering with various versions for just as long.  I've needed quite a bit of...
  • December 13
    Mighty Mini Gingerbread Boys
    A long-standing House Morell tradition has been our annual cookie exchange.  Over the past 9 years, it had morphed from a small gathering of a handful of moms and kids into a huge open house with dozens of families...
  • December 9
    The Best Cookbooks of 2016
    Hello friends.  Remember me? I'm reporting in after a rather extended wander. You see, my husband took a fellowship at the University of Chicago this fall, so after a bit of hand-wringing and angst,  I took leave from my day...
  • August 26
    Salted Caramel-Spiced Peach Pavlova
    We've been binge-watching the Olympics for two solid weeks at House Morell.   I'm not at all ashamed to admit we lounged about staring at the screen nearly every single evening. You name it, we watched it. Hours of...
  • August 9
    MB's Menus: A Casual Summer Dinner
    Happy Tuesday, friends! I'd like to introduce a new feature of Bourbon & Brown Sugar - I think I'll call it MB's Menus. I've always loved the challenge of puzzling together menus... especially for entertaining.  You'll often find me surrounded by...
  • mint basil pesto
    August 4
    Mint Basil Pesto
    In my book, summer means pesto and lots of it.  Of course, the classic pesto features lots of gorgeous summer basil... but I have a long history of tinkering with the classics. As I mentioned the other day, the only...
  • August 2
    Chocolate Kissed Strawberry Shortcakes
    Oh Hello.  It's been a huge couple of weeks of hosting at House Morell - I think we've had friends here for dinner every other day for two weeks straight.  SO much fun!  While I've been cooking away and...