• August 26
    Salted Caramel-Spiced Peach Pavlova
    We've been binge-watching the Olympics for two solid weeks at House Morell.   I'm not at all ashamed to admit we lounged about staring at the screen nearly every single evening. You name it, we watched it. Hours of...
  • August 9
    MB's Menus: A Casual Summer Dinner
    Happy Tuesday, friends! I'd like to introduce a new feature of Bourbon & Brown Sugar - I think I'll call it MB's Menus. I've always loved the challenge of puzzling together menus... especially for entertaining.  You'll often find me surrounded by...
  • mint basil pesto
    August 4
    Mint Basil Pesto
    In my book, summer means pesto and lots of it.  Of course, the classic pesto features lots of gorgeous summer basil... but I have a long history of tinkering with the classics. As I mentioned the other day, the only...
  • August 2
    Chocolate Kissed Strawberry Shortcakes
    Oh Hello.  It's been a huge couple of weeks of hosting at House Morell - I think we've had friends here for dinner every other day for two weeks straight.  SO much fun!  While I've been cooking away and...
  • July 27
    Corn and Barley Salad with Walnuts, Feta Cheese, and Basil
    At the local farmer's market last weekend, I loaded up my bags with a ridiculous amount of produce.  Peaches and berries and peppers and onions and greens and melons and lots and lots of corn.  Really, I completely lost...
  • July 20
    10 Reasons to Love Rome
    To me, Rome will always be magical.  Chaotic, fascinating, exasperating, and steeped in history, it never ceases to amaze.  I first visited as a wide-eyed teenager on my first European holiday, "studied" for a semester (life lessons included where...
  • m&m-ice-cream-sandwiches
    July 13
    M&M Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Last night, we hosted for dinner a family which has just returned from three years overseas.  As their boys are elementary school-age, we had the perfect excuse to pull out the legos, nerf guns and swords, and water pistols...
  • July 12
    Coco Snowcone Cocktail
    This icy wonder has become our signature cocktail of the summer at House Morell. I'd been dreaming of sharing this breezy beachy wonder since sampling it at my brother's restaurant in May.  It transports me to the shore (if I close...