St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

Gosh, I haven’t done a Link Love post in ages!  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been wandering around the South… and then the Delaware shore over the past week or so.  I thought I’d share a few recommendations and tips from our road trip, and a few amazing articles and blog posts I’ve recently discovered and loved as well…

First up: A few New Orleans recommendations:  Loved the Queen and Crescent Hotel (and their bar and restaurant!).


A shout-out to our friend Kristin, for recommending Sylvain in NOLA (fab brunch!), which led us to the Meauxbar for dinner.  It was so wonderful, we ate there two nights in a row.  We sampled nearly everything on the menu over two nights, but particularly adored the Louisiana Gulf Fish Almandine, the Seared Scallops over Succotash Risotto, and the Chicken Paillard with Peaches, Heirloom Tomatoes and Burrata.  Oh, and the bourbon-peach sno-cone cocktail…

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.23.11 PM

We also loved the jambalaya, po boys, red beans and rice, and gumbo we had at the New Orleans institution Mulates.  Touristy? You bet.  A ton of fun? Absolutely.  We also were lucky enough to arrive in NOLA the day after Willa Jeans opened… excellent timing indeed:


I have to say, the World War II Museum was a huge highlight of the trip… Though I live in Smithsonian-land, this is quite possibly my new favorite museum on the planet.  Loved this particular edit by FDR:


The best thing I brought back from our Southern road trip is a copy of the BTC Cookbook, which featured prominently on a display at my new favorite bookstore, Square Books in Oxford.  The gal behind the counter gave me directions to visit the wonderful BTC Grocery in Water Valley, Mississippi, but we didn’t quite have enough time to wander 20 miles down the road for a visit.  We did have the time to follow the rec of the dear E-Squared, and indulged in breakfast at BBB (Big Bad Breakfast).  Tabasco bacon and cheddar grits and biscuits with blackberry jam.  Oh my.


Square Books

The boys insisted we listen to Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History” podcast on one of our long-drive days.  Wow.  We started with Blueprint for Armageddon on the beginning of World War I, and it was utterly captivating.  Storytelling at it’s finest, with rich detail and context.  If you love history… or just great storytelling, give it a try.  I’m addicted.

Switching gears (away from road-tripping, that is), I just have to share this gem.  For years, my daughter and I bonded over the American Girl Stories… we read them all (My favorites: Kit and Felicity.  I believe my daughter preferred Samantha and Molly.)  I just discovered the American Girl of for year, Grace, is a young baker.  American Girl has paired with No Kid Hungry for an effort called “For Goodness Bake.”  So awesome… read about it here.   I’ll have to make sure we have to Grace books in our library, come to think of it…

A few must-read articles that have struck a particular chord with me this week:

Frank Bruni: Can We Interest You in Teaching?

Six Things Parents Need for Back to School (That we Can’t Buy)

Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

Things That Will Happen if I Don’t Take my Phone Out Right Now, from the New Yorker

How to Write a Condolence Note from Cup of Jo  (wow)

And a few particularly lovely foodie blog posts:

This Strawberry-Balsamic Slab Pie from Butter and Brioche

Peach and Pastrami Sandwiches with Peppery Mayo from the Rhubarbarians 

Kentuckifying Pasta with Corn, Country Ham, Butter and Peppers from Gourmandistan

and these Red Hot Chicken and Fried Cheese Meatballs from Cook Republic

And I’ll share one last photo from my morning walk in Nashville… gotta love the panorama function on the iPhone:



That was fun… have a great week y’all!


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  1. Kate Kremer says:

    Thanks for the details on New Orleans. Greg and I are headed there second weekend in September and will definitely benefit from your insights! I have never been and am looking forward.

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